New Jersey Adoption Resource Clearing House

Custom WordPress Development on the Genesis Framework, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce and Data Import.

  • Genesis Child Theme
  • Customized WooCommerce Operations
  • Custom Gravity Form Fields
  • Custom Post Types

This site and the company were my clients indirectly. I worked with a company that represented them and did marketing and tech management for them. They reached out to me for custom WordPress development for this system. They provided the design outline and we structured the system to fit its design scope.

The system is built with a custom genesis child theme for the structure with custom post types to manage events / conferences. These can be submitted on the front-end via Gravity Forms but required some custom gravity form fields to be created to suit the needs of the submission system. The custom fields created were for a separated date / time window for event start and end times.

WooCommerce templates were heavily modified to allow users to borrow materials. The checkout process was adapted so no money or costs display during the process. Single, Archive, Cart, Order and Email templates were all adjusted to create a checkout process for a library borrowing structure.

The data was originally from an MS Access system and we have to create a custom import structure based on .CSV exports for all the WooCommerce product information.

The structure and system we created was also used for the sister site, the only real difference is the color scheme – KinKonnect

NJ ARCH Submissions
NJ ARCH Library