Most of the custom development we do is protected under NDA and we cannot showcase specific projects.

Our focus of work for the last 5 years has been custom development on interactive / dynamic member based systems. Customizations to user associations and integrations with external APIs for reporting or functionality. Prior to that we spent many years building custom child themes on the Genesis Framework.

Our more recent work includes (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Custom MemberMouse Checkout
  • s2member Custom Capability Operations
  • s2Member API Registrations integrated with Stripe API
  • Infusionsoft API Tagging on functional events
  • Facebook API Login / Registration
  • Google API Login / Registration
  • Twitter API Login / Registration
  • Custom Facebook Pixel transaction tracking
  • Custom WooCommerce cart / checkout displays
  • Custom WooCommerce discount based on s2member Capability
  • Extending Gravity Forms with Custom Inputs
  • Remote API LearnDash User Progress Tracking
  • WP-Courseware assignments based on s2Member Capability
  • MemberMouse Group Purchases
  • s2member Group Purchases
  • Custom WooCommerce Member Checkout (as a library not as a shop)
  • Custom Genesis Framework Templates with ACF Pro Dynamic Layouts
  • Multi-site spanned user synchronization
  • WooCommerce API / Webhook integrations across shared-user sites
  • Custom Member Playlists
  • Custom Genesis Search Filtering
  • Custom WordPress Walker Class Extensions
  • Extending ACF Pro with Custom Fields
  • Custom LearnDash Course Progression
  • Wistia API / Webhook Session Interactions
  • and so much more…

Ultimately our development focus has centralized around the WordPress system and we’ve got a great deal of expertise in extending that with multiple integrations of popular plugins for custom functionality.

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Need Custom WordPress Development?

We’ve specialized in custom WordPress Development for the last 10 years with a primary focus on dynamic member based sites / systems. If you have a custom WordPress project you need development on, let us know the details.