Custom Contest Voting system built on Gravity Forms

Leveraging the Gravity Forms API we integrated into a custom system to allow a paid submission contest voting operation. Judges get defined by the system admin. Contests are associated to a Gravity Form and fields are mapped to the contest voting operation. Voting subjects are dynamic and additional criteria can be added / removed depending on the contest.

Due to needs for this particular client project the contest is broken up into multiple parts and payment is taken at the end in a shopping cart style. It would be easier to just refuse submissions unless payment fails, but the way Gravity Forms works requires that we accept the submission and pass the variables of the submission across pages and if payment fails, run a clean-up operation to remove submitted material.

Some specific client needs for this system were in allowing the contest to support fluid rounds. The contest takes entries then closes submissions to allow a series of judges to vote on the entries. This process is separated by “Elimination Votes” followed by “Criteria Votes”. The elimination voting process removes entries from the criteria voting pool. This cycle is controlled by the admin and eventually a winner & runner-up can be selected.