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Let’s cut to the chase.

You don’t want to waste time and I don’t have it to waste.

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Auto Funnel Press

Auto Funnel Press

The “System That Creates Systems” For Marketers. An “all-in-one” easy to use platform that integrates with wordpress enabling you to create replicated membership systems, providing your users with a landing / capture / registration funnel.

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Custom WordPress Development is expensive, regardless of what you might believe. Developing an application to do something different than what it was designed for or, to do something specific to your needs requires a lot of work. This is especially true if you don’t cut corners and you try to adhere to best practices for clean, efficient code. Unfortunately I don’t have time to do small fix-up jobs, or little tweaks here and there. Detailing and outlining all the specifics for custom development work takes a lot of time and it is critical to know exactly how you believe it should work and translate that into what it would take to make it so.

I specialize in relatively large / heavy WordPress customization. I’ve built massive member-based systems with huge data and / or content driven functionality. I’ve built systems for a user-base of just 1000 members, and for 175,000 members. I have the skills to do the work and the experience working with custom WordPress systems. Contact me if you have a need for custom WordPress development.

What is Gary Smith Marketing?

Well, it is the name of a company to be honest, “what” is the wrong question though. You should be asking “who” is Gary Smith.

Gary Smith

That is Gary Smith, well, it is a picture of him, or rather… me. Greetings, I’m Gary Smith and it’s a pleasure to meet you, of sorts. You might at this point be asking yourself why you should care who I am. Naturally only you can answer that, but I might be able to help if you need custom development.

I am an expert and I don’t think that is too strong of a term to use, at least when it comes to custom development for the WordPress framework. I’ve been building custom themes and plugins for WordPress based systems for over a decade now. Yes, I was working with WordPress powered sites; as they say: “before it was cool”. Whilst educational, my history is largely irrelevant when it comes to technology on the internet and today.

What IS important however, is what I can do for you and your web development needs.


This is a work in progress. A lot of the work I do is heavily involved with paid member systems that become heavily enhanced. Due to the nature of this work a lot of it is built under NDA. So I’m trying to put together a quality portfolio that showcases different functionality without stepping on an NDA.

.:Coming Soon:.